Res College Symposium 2019 has ended
The symposium is an  inter-college event where students openly discuss the topics explored  within each college’s respective theme.

Every  RC  student will give either a Presentation or a  Poster -  either as a  group  or as an individual project.  Every RC student will also be an audience  member.  

At Registration, you will receive a name tag with your schedule on it.

The Symposium is organized into two, concurrent, sessions: Session I: 1:40 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. & Session II: 3:10 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Schedule overview is as follows:

12:30pm: Registration, ELC Uphill Lobby
1pm: Opening Speaker, Ward Abel, ’09 Humanities College, Trout Auditorium

1:40 - 3pm: Poster Session in Terrace Room & Formal Presentations in Coleman classrooms
3:10pm - 4:30pm: Poster Session in Terrace Room & Formal Presentations in Coleman classrooms

4:40 - 5pm: Plenary Party w/ "Nell Party & Two Past Midnight, Terrace Room

Attendance is expected for the entire Symposium

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Saturday, December 7

12:30pm EST

1:00pm EST

1:40pm EST

Converting Carbon Dioxide into Reusable Energy Coleman 23Alexandra Strapko • Mohamed Bakr • Jules Ward • Michael Bolish • Carrie Loomis • Prof. Mark Spiro Homosexuality in Ming Dynasty Coleman 251Connie Xiang • Nicholas DeMarchis • Prof. Brantley Gasaway Civically Engaged Tourism Coleman 221Charlotte Arehart • Eliyah Cofield • Meenakshi Ponnuswami Mutilation of Draft cards during the Vietnam war Coleman 54Alicia Brown • Prof. Michael Drexler • Jala Grant Cancer Treatment: A Developing Frontier Coleman 219Auden Block • Milo Aronica • Simbiso Maphosa • Hannah Hess • Prof. Chris Camuto • Theo Eckert-Budis The Quality and Overall Health of Food in Campus Dining Halls Across America Coleman 22Jane Yan • Ding Zhang • Millie Fox • Minh Anh Phan • James Mark Shields Future is Now Group #4 Coleman 150Delase Apreku • Luke Fox • Conrad Persowski • Rachel Anello • Keith Buffinton Future is Now Group #1 Coleman 118Kimseang Am • Sarah Frischmann • Jazmin Ramirez • Joanna Raup-Collado • Janice Mann • Qian Qian Mei Future is Now Group #2 Coleman 119Andrew Campi • Danny Cecere • Alvin Huynh • Ethan Opdahl • Craig Terry • Carol White Future is Now Group #3 Coleman 120Sophie Bae • Aidan Good • Fadly Kafrawi • Olivia Orzechowski • Bea Casey • Prof. Aaron Mitchel Session I: Interactive Poster Session Terrace RoomCaroline Bolton • Andrei Bucaloiu • Paula Closson Buck • Prof. Cymone Fourshey • Prof. Sharon Garthwaite • Caitlin Kalsbeek • Prof. Stephanie Larson • Carrie Loomis • Jeniah Martin • Carly Masonheimer • Molly McGuire • Prof. Collin McKinney • Prof. Darakhshan Mir • Prof. Ilona C. Moore • Natalie Moreno • Roger Rothman • Caitlyn Schuette • Maren Yamada A Brief Look: National Anthems Podcast Terrace RoomBen Buentello Analyzing the Puzzle: Responses to the National Anthem Terrace RoomRyan Lopp How We Think About Seeing Terrace RoomMorgan Oldfield • Julia Martire Masks of Healing and Protection Session I Terrace RoomYanbo Zhu • Mona Chahfe • Katherine Leschner • Sophie McQuaide National Anthem Podcast Terrace RoomRuilin Yan National Anthem Podcast Terrace RoomWylie Haddad National Anthem Podcast Terrace RoomThomas Smith National Anthem Podcasts Terrace RoomRosemarie Burynski National Anthems Podcast Terrace RoomHaley Griffin National Anthems Podcast Terrace RoomLara Shoenholz Nationalism and Music Podcasts Terrace RoomMaggie Eastlack Oh Say, Can you (you italicized) See? Terrace RoomJohn Mirsky Podcast On the National Anthem: To Stand or Not to Stand Terrace RoomGraham Allardyce The National Anthem's Implications In Childhood Terrace RoomKatie Fonda Thoughts on the National Anthem Terrace RoomMike Devlin What does the national anthem mean to you? Terrace RoomGabby Hart Analysis of Causes, Effects, and Solutions to Food Deserts in Urban America Terrace RoomMichael Duncan • George Rump • Muiyeang Lee Considering Solutions to Campus Food Waste Terrace RoomMiles Book • Charles Huang • Liam Briening Cooking for Life: A Healthy and Thoughtful Food Culture Terrace RoomRain DeLucia • Ryan Mosenkis • Shaun Parrish Fresh Food Farmacy Forges Ahead Terrace RoomSpencer Zack • Lindsay Perrin • Kate Sirianni Local Produce Guide Terrace RoomHaley Scopelliti • Emily Pecoraro • Seth Pletcher Empire of Human Rights Terrace RoomJessica Atwood • Haojun Guo • Bella Angiullo • Jose Palacios Teshe Motives for United States Intervention Terrace RoomRicky Rodriguez • Mia Bellucci • Shishir Katta Neo Imperialism Terrace RoomTia Gemechu • RJ Mehan • Mia Hursh Pawns Over Colonies: The United States' Own Spin on Colonialism Terrace RoomKayla Hutko • Justin Modin • Fatima Sow US Intervention and Human Rights Violations Terrace RoomAbbie Coscia • Caeley Dodson • Daniel Loughney 3,000 Years of Bread and Olives: The Food of Ancient Athens Terrace RoomSophia Hawthorne A Time of Blood and Bronze: Weaponry and Warfare of the Ancient Achaeans Terrace RoomMason Cametas A Timeline of the Historical Manipulation of Biblical Translations Terrace RoomBella Roache Ancient Greek Theories on the Workings of the Human Brain Terrace RoomCara Lecoz Ancient Roman Warfare: Tactics and Weaponry Terrace RoomNguyen Nguyen Are you smarter than a Greek Mathematician? Terrace RoomPaul Hertz Beauty at the Core of Greek Culture Terrace RoomBrynn Peddy Diogenes the Homeless Philosopher Terrace RoomNeddy Wight Etiological Myths Terrace RoomClare Bassano Floods of Antiquity Terrace RoomTom McKillop Recognition of Female Prostitution in Ancient Athens Terrace RoomCalista Noll The Economy in Ancient Athens Terrace RoomChris Kaplan The Perception of Gender Dynamics in the Ancient World through Mental Illness: Hysteria Terrace RoomArya Bedi The Power of Polytheism within Ancient Civilizations Terrace RoomSophie Guichardan The Unknown Universe: Astronomical Models From the Ancient Greeks Terrace RoomMinhaj Bhuiyan Warfare in Ancient Greece Terrace RoomMichael Giallorenzi Berlin - Symphony of a Great City Terrace RoomAlivia Kloehn Broken and Lost: The Struggle to Find Identity After War Terrace RoomAisling Sullivan Finding Identity as an Immigrant: Connecting Personal and National Identity in Persepolis 2 Terrace RoomKayla Gaughan Homosexual Groups in Japan Terrace RoomYinuo Jing Intertextuality, History, and Popular Culture's Effect on Gender Intersectionality in Fun Home Terrace RoomMichael Katrib Old Hate, New Context Terrace RoomAllure Cooper Rejection of Identity: The Impact of Cultural and Societal Norms Terrace RoomKaiya Burton The Power of Alzheimer's Terrace RoomHannah Belin The Timeless Oppression of Black Women Terrace RoomRaquel Rowell 2003 Northeast Blackout Terrace RoomCuong Nguyen Challenger Disaster. Death of a Dream Terrace RoomBen Gumbleton Chlorofluorocarbons The Hole in The Ozone Layer and Chemical Regulations Terrace RoomTyler Burns Donora Smog - The Legend in 20th Century Environmental History Terrace RoomZiheng Zeng Exploiting User Data for Profit Terrace RoomWill Carcieri From Antifreeze to New Regulations by the FDA Terrace RoomKyle Putt John Snow and the London Cholera Epidemic Terrace RoomRobert Till Soviet Submarine K-219 Terrace RoomRyan Allen Texas City Disaster; The Deadliest Industrial Accident in US History Terrace RoomKizito Ononuju That's the Beauty of It Terrace RoomLucille Ketterer The BP Oil Spill: An Environmental Disaster and its Impact on the Oil Industry Terrace RoomChris Maskas The Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Lives & Mental Health Terrace RoomEmily Den Haese The Halifax Explosion and the Medical Industry Terrace RoomMatthew Kroen The Iroquois Theatre Fire: Burning Down the House Terrace RoomAlex Timmerman Three Mile Island: America's Largest Nuclear Meltdown Disaster Terrace RoomJennifer McIntosh Where Did the Love Go? A Piece on the Love Canal Tragedy Terrace RoomAlyssa Giacomin

1:55pm EST

2:00pm EST

2:10pm EST

2:15pm EST

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2:30pm EST

2:40pm EST

2:45pm EST

3:10pm EST

Creativity and the Beast Coleman 118Nick Lizana • Andrei Bucaloiu • Prof. Collin McKinney Science and Human Freedom Terrace RoomIsabella Mazzeo #RickyRenuncia Coleman 23Anaya Benzan • Dirk Chisholm • Molly McGuire A Humanist Approach to Social Justice: Paulo Freire and Paul Glover Coleman 22Justin Higgins • Prof. Ilona C. Moore • Caitlyn Schuette Civil Disobedience During the Women's Suffrage Movement Coleman 219Brooke Dickey • Prof. Cymone Fourshey • Jeniah Martin Fighting Social Justice With Voina Coleman 119Maddie Rippa • Caroline Bolton • Prof. Sharon Garthwaite Racial Discrimination and Police Brutality Coleman 120Seli Dankwa • Paula Closson Buck • Maren Yamada Selma to Montgomery Marches: Marches as a Form of Civil Disobedience Coleman 150Jerra Holdip • Carly Masonheimer • Prof. Darakhshan Mir Slime: the Amazing Substance Coleman 251Chris Stankus • Emilie Blumenfeld • Charlie Cameron • Ryan Gray • Caitlin Kalsbeek • Roger Rothman Revolutionary Figure Debate Coleman 221Luke Bernatavitz • Lily Gatto • Nolen Hayes • Charlotte Hoffberger • Anna Jo • Jeff McKee • Taylor Pearce • Jim Probert • Cameron Sloan • Mo Tall • Hanyu Yu • Prof. Stephanie Larson • Natalie Moreno Session II: Interactive Poster Session Terrace RoomRachel Anello • Keith Buffinton • Prof. Chris Camuto • Bea Casey • Dirk Chisholm • Eliyah Cofield • Nicholas DeMarchis • Prof. Michael Drexler • Theo Eckert-Budis • Prof. Brantley Gasaway • Jala Grant • Janice Mann • Qian Qian Mei • Prof. Aaron Mitchel • Minh Anh Phan • Meenakshi Ponnuswami • James Mark Shields • Prof. Mark Spiro • Carol White Data Terrace RoomBernard Pan • Malcolm Sturgis How We See People Terrace RoomNick Florschutz • Berkley Reddick How We See the World Through Art Terrace RoomJames Howe • John Pena How We Think About Seeing Terrace RoomBrent Mankin • Abby Dunne How We Think About Seeing Terrace RoomChris Romei • Yicheng Wang How we think about seeing Terrace RoomBen Hong • Sabrina Lorza How We Think About Seeing Terrace RoomShannon Love • Nadine Anderson Masks of Healing and Protection Session II Terrace RoomHaley Dickinson • Bethany Fitch • Elisabeth Penafiel • Kyle Smith • Anqi Zang Accommodating Snakes on the Bucknell Farm Terrace RoomJack Murphy • Sam Pring • Natalie Bortel • Riley DeBaecke Bees Providing Biodiversity on the Bucknell Farm Terrace RoomCole Reish • Caylee Jumbelic • Maggie Ryan • Keara Savage Bringing Solar Energy to Rural Areas Terrace RoomAlina Arko Butterflies on the Bucknell University Farm Terrace RoomLivie Carusi • Isabelle Levesque-Du Bose • Jessie Castellano • Kelly Moxhay Introducing the Biodiversity of Birds at the Bucknell Farm Terrace RoomHannah Holmes • Lauren Maloney • Emily Ahearn • Lily Buckley Vermicomposting on the Bucknell Farm Terrace RoomChris Azzam • Abby Gearhart • Maya Ray • Dia Zizis No Need to Dispute, Eat Veggies and Fruit Terrace RoomChristina Steinberg • Andrew Finegan • Cole Speer Antigone: Radical Then and Now Terrace RoomCaroline Brandt Authenticity and the Social Animal Terrace RoomMakenna Luzenski Bringing Attention to the Arab Slave Trade Terrace RoomKyle Light Capitalism and Existentialism Terrace RoomSteve Wang Freedom in Two Perspectives: German Idealism and Existentialism Terrace RoomAlan Flower How to Live Authentically? Terrace RoomNick Huo Human Freedom Terrace RoomJames Scacifero Incredible Military Monuments Terrace RoomSamuel Mosholder Jackie Robinson Breaking the Color Barrier in Baseball Terrace RoomHenry Novicki Jefferson, Lincoln and MLK: Connected and Worthy Terrace RoomKarly Bullock Oil Leakage in Brazil Terrace RoomPedro Carneiro Passos Religious Beliefs in Existentialist Thought Terrace RoomJared Miner Romantic Individualism with Existential Authenticity and its Applicability to the Arts Terrace RoomMadison Scopano Slavery Represented by Film vs Article Terrace RoomMatt Mills Stone Mountain Terrace RoomKyle Lyons Students as Happy Slaves to the Education System Terrace RoomGrant Van Emburgh TBD POSTER? Terrace RoomPhil Ouellette The Brown Dog Affair Terrace RoomOlivia Munn The Confederate roots of the KKK Terrace RoomJordan Sukin The interpretation of the Sculptor Terrace RoomOllie Frank The Turning Point in the Revolutionary War and its Monuments Terrace RoomMax Hefner United Daughters of the Confederacy Terrace RoomRachel Regan Waging War: The Function of Battlefields Terrace RoomKelty Eisenhardt Westworld: Hollywood's Exploration of The Human Terrace RoomNabeel Jan What is the Human? In Regards of Alienation Terrace RoomAlba Pozada Suzuki's Seductress Tokyo: Culture and Lifestyle of Tokyo Portrayed Through Film Terrace RoomElise Gee The History of the Business Side of Cinema Terrace RoomDenay Taylor The Mystery of Venice in Film Terrace RoomKyle Sullivan AI and Public Welfare Systems Terrace RoomGeorge Ashford College Rankings: Do They Really Work? Terrace RoomSam Barnes Dealing with Extreme Weather Terrace RoomNick Pirone Drug Pricing in the United States Terrace RoomGrace Adams Environmental Effects of Nuclear Power Terrace RoomDave Ajoku Ethics of the governments use of the private sector for developing technology Terrace RoomMax Wechsler Health Literacy and Fake News:How Modern Media Affects Global Health Goals Terrace RoomElle Satterthwaite How is Facial Recognition Affecting Society? Terrace RoomTaylor Birch How the Unethical Use of Big Data in Advertising Allows for Price Discrimination and Contributes to Economic Inequality Terrace RoomPer Astrom Inexcusable Usage of Flawed Algorithms in Governmental Systems Terrace RoomNathan Suit Is Cyber Security Important Terrace RoomAlejandro Lopez Garcia Managing the Nitrogen Cycle Terrace RoomPrince Ou Nuclear Energy: A Comparison of Uranium and Thorium Terrace RoomElliot Thorp Quantitative Equity Investing: a Goldmine or Minefield? Terrace RoomKyle Morin Racial Bias in Targeted Advertising Terrace RoomJake Bardorf Racial Inequality in Predictive Policing System Terrace RoomYuhan Chen Rainforest Biodiversity Loss: Causes, Effects, and Solutions Terrace RoomIsabella DiGiulio Solar Energy in Third World Countries Terrace RoomJames Owens Sustainable Architecture and the Future of "Green Living" Terrace RoomAndrew Kim TBD Terrace RoomBen Davis Technology in Education Terrace RoomSarah Miller The Legal and Ethical Challenges of Facial Recognition Technology in America Terrace RoomMakenna Ehrlich There's No Such Thing As Free Wifi Terrace RoomJake Etzler Triboelectric Nanogenerators As A Clean Source of Energy Terrace RoomZohaib Cheema Vaccination Technology and Its Impact on Global Society Terrace RoomEmily Sartori Water Crisis in the Developed World: A Study of Flint, Michigan Terrace RoomTripp Needham

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